Prepare to be inspired in this week’s episode of “13:22 Life” as host Bri Smith engages in a captivating conversation with Rachel King, a wife, mother, and certified nutrition coach. Join them as they dive into Rachel’s incredible story of transforming fear into faith and building a thriving business.

Discover how Rachel made the courageous decision to leave her job as an accountant during the pandemic to pursue her passion for helping Christian women over 35 achieve weight loss and inner confidence without extreme measures. Through unwavering faith in God, she overcame her fears and found triumph in entrepreneurship.

In this episode, Rachel shares the pivotal role her faith played in her journey, including her daily devotion time with God and consistent prayer life that sustained her during challenging moments. She reflects on the moments of uncertainty and how God’s faithfulness propelled her forward.

Join Bri and Rachel as they delve into the power of faith, the pursuit of fulfillment, and the unwavering determination to create a life that aligns with one’s purpose. Tune in to “13:22 Life” this week and gain invaluable insights and strategies to propel your own entrepreneurial journey while drawing strength from God’s wisdom and guidance.

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