In this captivating episode of “13:22 Life,” join host Bri as she engages in a compelling conversation with Eddie Bails, a remarkable entrepreneur who has experienced the power of sowing seeds and trusting in God’s provision. Eddie shares his inspiring journey, from being a broke college student to building a successful business that provides equal access to the justice system through an innovative app. Discover how Eddie’s unwavering faith and strategic seed sowing led to incredible outcomes in his personal life, including finding love and achieving financial abundance. With a flourishing business spanning multiple states and provinces, Eddie has empowered others to navigate the legal landscape without the burden of exorbitant costs. Through his coaching and mentoring, he continues to uplift aspiring entrepreneurs and create opportunities for growth and success. Tune in to “13:22 Life” as Bri and Eddie delve into the principles of sowing, reaping, and unlocking God’s blessings in every area of life. Be inspired by Eddie’s unwavering commitment to outreach, ministry, and giving back to others. Get ready to gain insights, strategies, and a renewed sense of faith as you embark on your own journey towards financial prosperity and spiritual fulfillment.