Prepare to be inspired by the latest episode of “13:22 Life” as host Bri Smith engages in a captivating conversation with Dee Greene, a digital nomad and the visionary Founder of Content Made Easy. Get ready to witness the power of faith and entrepreneurship in action.

Dee takes us on a remarkable journey of how he transformed his life from shaky finances to creating a thriving business that generated six figures in just six months. Discover the strategies and insights he used to leverage video content and attract high-ticket clients, all while leaning on God for guidance and provision.

In this episode, Dee shares how his unwavering faith in God led him to experience miraculous moments. From fulfilling a dream trip to Paris to propose to his now-wife, to overcoming entrepreneurial challenges and living a life of abundance and purpose as a digital nomad, Dee’s story will leave you in awe.

Join Bri and Dee as they delve into the power of consistent prayer, journaling, and trusting in God’s provision during struggles. Learn how you can tap into God’s abundance, create a life of freedom on your own terms, and experience the joy of traveling the world while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

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